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Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
V3CH 17

[Okay, I got complaints saying that the chapters were unreadable. That was my mistake, I accidentally publish the chapter instead of saving it.]

The reason why the devils fearfully escaped - the girls who came down from the sky - it was Chitose and Amira which became Shura(修羅 Shura= means fighting, or carnage, it can also be used a way of saying "challenge").

"" "" "............" "" "

Heavy silence wraps around that everyone in this place thinks that time has stopped breathing as though it was breathtaking by the feeling of intimidating pressure of the two people.

Chitose who wears an aura like dark miasma and is equipped with various arms grips her Japanese sword with both hands.

Amira who wears a war dress and holds a giant massive sword weighing hundreds of kilograms that can only be seen as an iron mass with one hand and emits a dense and devastating magical power visible from the body.

At the same time that these two people started solving their landing posture slowly, Kazuya's maids Luminous and Wilhelm, members of the company's squad guards descended parachuting to follow Chitose and Amira.

Furthermore, if you look closely at the opening of the valley, the members of the
Squad Guards are deployed in the opening of the valley and have guns aimed at Adel.


We're surrounded! What? What are the other units doing! !

Adel, who does not know that his allies other than themselves have already been destroyed, is surprised at being surrounded.

! What? ... ... No More than that ... ... What is ... what the hell are you! What? Same as the devil ... ... No ... ... more! ! It is unpleasant, Nasty! ! To oppose this woman - absolutely nasty! !

Although Adel was shocked at being surrounded unexpectedly, it was only for a moment that he was able to be concerned about such a thing, immediately seeing the kind of person Chitose is and taking Chitose as someone one does not want to be enemies with.

Good! What? What bloodlust this is! !

Chitose and Amira - Adel now wants to escape from here especially from the bloodlust coming from Chitose.

However, there is no way I could do such a thing, and I managed to face Chitose and Amira somehow to support the pride I had from fighting as a hero.

"Is Feene safe !?"

"Master ...... a little ...... I will clean up just a little bit soon."

Chitose and Amira took a look back at Adel which was holding a holy sword with a pale looking expression had been staring at the enemy with a hardened face as if it was hit by petrification magic bwhile looking like he saw a demon at the same time.

"Mother !! I am safe! But Kazuya -"

"Ug ... ... I understand ... Ay, Adel - The ones in front of us are to be caught alive, ... ... I asked ... Chitose"

Kazuya replied while receiving recovery magic and sanitary soldiers' first aid by Ruminus and Wilhelm who came running down to the valley bottom.

"Hah... I know... I will tell the whole corps, firing is prohibited unless ordered to,  I repeat fire is prohibited unless ordered to."

Chitose who embraced the thought of being torn by looking at Kazuya who is distorting his face with  bloody and muddy appearance burned up the flame of  her anger further, after giving instructions to his men and turning around before saying to Amira with a voice of good effect.

"All of these guys are my prey ... Do not let out your hands... ...."

"...... I can not help exchanging it at all ... I'd like to say that I will put out my hands .... But I do not think so, because there are trash  in our numbers too, and also ... ... I've also been scooped up And I'm going to rampage a bit.

Amira who received an explanation from the circumstances from Feene in the previous conversation saw the traitor Nelson who had played his daughter and the elves who are under him in the sight, she is angry just like Chitose and kept a large sword with her.

"... ... Do whatever it takes, But don't take the time to clean up the trash?"

"I know"

"Good... ... I will go!"


After finishing the conversation with Amira, Chitose aimed at the edge of the Japanese sword giving a sharp glow to the enemy.


Meanwhile, when Chitose was still speaking. Nelson who was finally able to move at last because of the gaze of the two trembled with fear.

"Well, well,  why is the Maou here ..."

"What, what's a woman doing next to that demon king ... ... I'm not the only one seeing this."

"Hey, those kinds of guys like that monsters ... ... there is no reason to win"

"If you do not run away ... you will be killed if you do not run away!"

It was when Nelson, his elf and the Imperial soldiers, who were prepared for death before two people who had different dimensions from themselves began to fall behind unconsciously.

"Do not be disillusioned, come on!"

A voice calling attention of Adel echoes to the bottom of the valley, ... and the lid of the shuttle of hell opens.

"Come, come !!"

"Hey! Oh, stop those guys! Stop them!!"

"Well, Prepare to shoot !!!"

Struck (sfx)! ! Magic, bullets, and arrows are released all at once for Chitose and Amira looming at a terrific speed with a crushing sound stepping on the ground.

However, Chitose and Amira avoided all attacks hissing in their direction.

"Oh, It didn't hit !?"

"Aim better!"

"Put out magical weapons and automatic dolls in front !! Push with force and number!"

Magic weapons and automatic dolls are thrown in order to stop the two people who are coming. But.


"Obstacles in the way... It's annoying"

Three magical weapons approached Amira who held a short sword for proximity fighting instead of having a magic gun were crushed under a blow by the big sword of Amira. All the automatic dolls which were grouped in Chitose and attacked simultaneously from multiple directions are slashed at their necks and stop functioning.

"...... Haa, haa, the automaton is devoted to standing! Aim at the place where the enemies stopped their feet!

Adel, who had just as much magic as the others blew out instructions loudly.

"Walla Walla (Sfx), it's like an insect ... ... it's in the way!"

"It's true!"

While knocking down and throwing away an automatic doll that attacked, Adel told the stopping automatic doll to attack and began to stand up as it was threatened by Chitose Amira. That was when Chitose agreed to that.

"If so, then we can!"

"Cut the road open !!"

Two black shadows that appeared from Chitose and Amira dive into a group of automatons and drilled a wedge.

"...... Warrant and Lieutenant Colonel, an unnecessary mimicry ... well ..."

"O, it's hard to do isn't it?"

Cutting the automatic doll with a bassabassa(sfx) and slashing and making a way for Chitose and Amira was Warrant officer Funasaka with a military sword , and Lieutenant Jack Churchill who grabbed a claymore in his bag with a bagpipe on his back and a quiver with a long bow and an arrow on his back. (T/N: Holy shit it's guy who carried a bagpipe and a sword in the beaches of Normandy)


"Haare-aaa !!"

""There......whyee!(Shouting SFX)""

Warrant Officer Funasaka and Lieutenant Colonel Jack, who were not be able to just watch before the enemy who hurt Kazuya, rushed into the arrows while Chitose and Amira ran towards the enemy.

"Well done"

"I was saved."

When running through the flock of automatons, Chitose and Amira made a voice of labor to the two people in a passing manner.

"" What is this coming! ""

While abandoning the remaining automatic dolls randomly, while also striking the two magical weapons nearby, they replied with a smile.

"Chi !! From one to the next !! Even with me 5 at the same time is too challenging! What do we do?"

When I saw the magic weapon stood up like a wall, thinking that he passed through a group of automaton, Amira spoke to Chitose.

"Do not stop your feet, keep on moving"

"You seem to have some idea, I understand."

Amira who thought that there would be something in Chitose, who saw Adel in front of the eyes with the flames of hatred turned on, continues to proceed at Chitose's words.

"- Lieutenant, kill"

"Roger that"

Chitose speaks towards the radio when it is only a short time to enter into the draft of a short sword in which the magic weapons stand. Then, shortly after hearing a continuous explosion from a distance, five Magician weapons have holes in their bodies.


Amira who was amazed at the sudden events twisted her head and turned her eyes towards where she heard the sounds, there, was lieutenant Hayes who had a Simonov PTRS 1941, that has white smoke from the muzzle.

"The target is silenced ... .... Although this is a shot down and the wind is strong, this precision, in succesion... ... I get numb."

"Shut up, prepare for the next instruction"

"Understood, leave it as you say"

To Hayes who was awesome from the opening of the valley and succeeded in the sniper while silently refuting the light mouth of Warrant Officer Clemens who looked up to respect the lieutenant's Simonov PTRS 1941 rejected bullet aside and newly-filled PTRS 1941. I looked around the scope and started preparing for the next instruction.

"Leave it ...... only small fries

"Looks like it. Well then, would I also clean up the garbage?"

Chitose who broke through all the obstructing automatic doll and magic weapon stopped running and walked towards Adel while walking slowly, Amira parted from Chitose and went to Nelson.

"... ... If it comes to this , there is no regret."

Proceeding slowly, step by step Chitose who comes near,Adel murmurs in a small voice.

"Everyone, I need a favor"

Adel felt as if he did not hear Chitose and called out to his men.

"What'll we do"

"I will use my trump card to defeat them, but in order to use the trump card I can not use it unless I accumulate magical powers, so ... ... why do not you earn time for me?"

"... ... OK, everyone, protect Adel !! Do not let her approach Adel!"

"" "" "Understood!!" "" "

The soldiers who hoped for the victory at Adel's request of adoration from the bottom of their heart managed to hold back the fear they had and managed to unite to get victory.

And while building up the necessary magical powers to use the trump cards, the magicians surround Adel to defend the defenseless Adel, the magic barriers expanded, the gunmen pull out the long sword they were wearing on the waist. I will head towards Chitose.

"" "" "Uoooo!!" ""

"... ...."

We are the opponents! ! Chitose keeps advancing toward Adele while looking at the enemy soldier who comes toward her raising enthusiasm with a cold look.

"Do not go to Adel's place!"

"Try to receive our blow !!"

"I die here!"

Soldiers waved their long swords while shouting and slashing towards Chitose.

I killed it! !

The soldiers were convinced of the victory just before the blade bit into the body of Chitose who kept walking in a natural state without holding a Japanese sword in her hands.

"...... Move"

However, in a single word of Chitose, the soldiers can not move like a frog glared at by a snake.

Our, the body! What?

It does not move! What?

Why is it so! What?

The soldiers are stunned by their body that does not move with Pikuri(SFX) against their will.

"-Dead men"

The words that Chitose said at the moment with the soldiers who were not able to move?
I think that soon the soldiers' body who moves slippery sideways will know.

.................. Oh ... Oh, I see ... It was ... we are already ... ... I was dead ... ....

The moments when soldiers finally understood what happened to themselves, their body dropped to the ground with two blood splashes.

"Bah, small fries"

Chitose swayed out the Japanese sword at the speed which can not be perceived by the soldiers and building up a mountain of death in a moment, continued as if nothing had happened, and after the soldiers attacking like the previous one are cleared one after another did she go.

"Sai !!"

"……in the way"


BUN! ! Chitose who skews the long sword descended swiftly and skews from the soldier's chin to the brain with a Japanese sword that has become sharp.

The skewered soldier dropped his white eyes and crumble his body into convulsions and fell down from his knees.

The Japanese sword struck in the deceased soldier was abandoned, Japanese sword still sharp still stays in the sheath which was worn at the waist, and Chitose intercepts the soldiers heading towards without discipline in the state of bare hands.

"" Wow! Wow, Wa ooo !! ""

I do not know the reason, but I stopped the weapon and saw Chitose who became bare hands, I thought it was a good opportunity Two soldiers go towards Chitose.

"Now !! Load the bullets while Grunge and Bakura are fighting !! And then visit him at zero distance!"

""Roger that!!""

Behind two soldiers who went to Chitose, gunmen were preparing to fire.

"Ora !!"

"Ya !!"

"On the way"

Chitose who swept away with the assassination of the two who slashed along with the spirit of fire the fissure stretched out the long sword and two people who broke their posture instantly stretched out their hands and grasped their necks.

"Gugg!, Agack ... ...!"

"Guess !! Go ... ...!"

Two people who tightened the neck with force like a vise and dropped Longsword with difficulty rushed to manage Chitose's hands that dig into the neck, but Chitose's hand never loosened.

"... ...."

Chitose lifts up the enemy soldier who suffered without being able to breathe while watching the enemy like a mystery with eyes like it's seeing an insect, and put more power into hands. 

- Misimisimishi...... Bak! !(SFX)



Finally, the two soldiers breathed a voice that was thrown at Chitose like birds that were strangled and killed.

The hands and feet that had been struggling to flutter until then hangs down weakly and a yellow liquid begins to flow down from the crotch.

"Hey Hey !! Grunge and Bakura were killed!"

"Tsu, it's a monster... ...!"

The soldiers rise in fear from lifting the large adult and crushing the neck with one hand.

"Ready for firing !!"

When throwing down the two who Chitose was hanging up, preparation for firing just ended.

"Yosh! Do not waste Grunge and Bakura's death !!"

As soon as he tried to make sure that he was ready to shoot, the commander's head fell like a pomegranate and the cerebral plasma scatted around.

"The captain!"

"From a little while ago ... ... It is annoying ... ... I have said it over and over"

If you look at it, Chitose was poised to pull out two S&W M500 (ultra-large rotary pistols) of 10.5-inch models from the holster.

The 10.5 inch model S&W M500 is called the Hunter model and uses the .500 S&W Magnum, .50 caliber Magnum bullet. The power of this bullet boasts about 3 times the power of the .44 Magnum bullet, and when an ordinary person shoots about 10 shots in succession, there are times when the hands are numb and numbered due to the reaction of the firing, even writing letters.

"Oh, oh, ah ......"

"No way……"

Although I do not know that it is directed to the muzzle of such a heinous gun, Chitose echoes the gunshot unexpectedly as Dokadoka and a handful of soldiers who have fallen into a panic only by the fact that the muzzle faces his direction and mercilessly shoots a .50 caliber Magnum bullet.

"Oh, my arm!"

"I do not want to die ... Someone ... ... help ..."

"Guffo ... ... mother ......"

Most of the soldiers who were occupying the front of Chitose were blown away by .50 caliber Magnum bullets, writhing and scattering the ground.

"Well, it's useless already..."

"Ah ... ... God!"

While watching the magic barriers, the wizards surrounding Adel saw their friends dying in front of them, when they were sorrowfully enlightened that they could not win regardless of their scratching in Chitose.

"Everyone, I have kept you waiting.

Adel who was wearing a wildly swirling wind like Muddy Flow came out in front and said so.

"A, Adel-sama!"

"With this ... ... our victory is decided!"

The soldiers who succeeded in earning time and raised their voice of joy took away a distance from Adel confronting Chitose.

"... ...."

"You did it to your own good. But your fate ends here!! I am invincible with the armor of the wind that multiply the body strengthening magic and can deflect every attack!? Guha!? 」

"" "" A, Adel-sama !? "" "

Adel was talking with a margin by wearing the armor of the wind, but when he got stuck in a moment and noticed, he could not resist anything and was cut off with the Japanese sword that Chitose had unleashed like Shoki(sfx)

Wind ... ... Armor ... slashing ... ... ripped off! What? It's impossible! What? ...... and ... ... fast ... too much ... ... movement ...... I did not see ......! !

He blown away and Dogonk! ! Adel, who had sunked into the rock, was surprised by his consciousness that couldn't  keep up with the pain.

"Invincible ... .... What about you? Do not make me laugh"

The armor of the wind that Adele said will deflect every attack with only one blow, a blow was cut off by Chitose, and the armor style was lost because it was not able to supply the magic disturbed consciousness when Adele received damage.

"Damn...... here, this one!"

Adel who lost the armor of the wind and fell into a state close to nude on the defensive side head towards Chitose to direct the flow to there.

"Raia Aaaaa !!"

- Gang! !

"... ...."

Chitose lightly takes the Japanese sword with the holy sword that was swayed down as much as he could possess.

"... ... Is it only to this degree?"

"This is!! Stupidity !! - but with this!"

Adel who brought in into order laughs with a grin.

"Let's tell you a good thing!  I have the ability to take the magic of the other party who is connected to this holy blade!!

"What about it?"

"Hmph, it is now that I can afford to break the margin!"

Adel thought that Chitose demonstrated a terrible physical ability by using the magic of body strengthening and thought that if you take the magical power of Chitose with the ability of the holy sword it will be able to beat her like when Amira was defeated and thinking of the Holy Sword's Activated ability. However

"...... What ............ No way ... ... ... you ... ... ... ... ... you do not use magic ...?"

Even if the ability of the Holy Sword was activated, Adele who was not able to deprive of power from Chitose at last noticed a certain fact.

"No way no ... ... you, in an elementary state ... ... No, that can not be!"

In the moment when Adele was upset and panicked by the shocking fact, Chitose cut Adele just like earlier.

"Guha !!.....That kind of....Such a thing ...!"

This time, the silver armor was cut and Adel was torn. The only thing left behind was the sheer underwear-like clothes that he wore under the armor.

"Is it over?"

Chitose threw away the Japanese sword which had spilled the blade when Adel's armor was destroyed andapproaches Adel.

"Stand up"

"... .... Ugh !!"

"Hey, stand up"


Adel, who was aware of the absolute difference in power and had forsaken the battle, was forcibly raised by Chitose and was beating him up full of power.

"Ow \!! Ah, Ah!!"

Every time Chitose's fist bites into the body, Adel makes a groaning sound that does not make a voice.

"What's wrong ... you are invincible, aren't you?"


Chitose grabbed and twisted up the neck of Adel after he had a head butt thrown at him and threw Adel like an eel.

"Gu-tsu !!, ... .... Geo Ho !! ... .... cuckoo!"

The underwear is broken, and Adel exposes a rich round chest with a white skin like silk to the outside, air leaks a voice while moaning in pain.

"... ..You were a woman?" (T/N: No wonder his, err I mean her name sounds girly)

Chitose who stood in front of Adele, who had become shirtless, was  surprised only a little by knowing the fact.

"Tsu!...To you...It does not matter!"

"Okay, so, a woman...... It is convenient. The amount of torture I've made since returning to the base has increased.

Chitose who knew the fact that Adele was a woman was muttered so with the smile like a demon's.

"Hi-tsu......uh...oh...I still lose ........ Gaha!"

At the moment Adel, who felt something chilly in Chitose's smile, managed to open his mouth and rattle his trembling, then Adel was beaten in the cheeks by Chitose and completely lost consciousness.

"To this extent even if you are an other worlder...... There is no sorrow."

Chitose who accomplished the task of allegedly capturing the alleged's life raised her extraordinary strength to the shelf and criticized the strength of Adel.

"Now...... It's over"

Chitose who took off her line of sight from Adel turned her eyes towards Amira and just as Amira came to an end.

"I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die I do not want to die"

Nelson was just trembling, surrounded by the escort elves' corpses.

"Well, one more."

Guccha  theelves who survived until the very last! ! And the crushed Amira approaches Nelson.

"Please, I ask you, I beg you, please spare my life... I'm so--

"Good little bit"

Ignoring Nelson begging for his life, Amira swung the big sword down.

Petit! ! And something that sounds like crushed tomato the echoes in the vicinity.

Finally, all traitorous elves were crushed by the hands of Amira.

"It is over"


Amira, bathed in blood, came over to Chitose who was holding and dragging Adel by the ankle.

"Adel-sama......was done in."

"Something like that ..."

"Ru, run away !!"

"Arya? Run away, are you sure?"

Amira asked Chitose to see that few survivors of the Imperial Army who lost their warfare by having all of Adel, magic weapons, and automatic dolls that have been knelt down have escaped wandering around.

"I will not let them escape. Eat them up Rudel"

After briefly answering Amira's question, Chitose spoke to the radio.

"Ya (okay)"

Immediately after that, I thought if I heard a high-pitched engine sound I cut a gray cloud covering the sky and put 11 SUU-23 (Gun Pod equipped with GAU-4, M61A1 Vulcan modified to gas pressure driven) to 11 hard points. The A-10 aircraft of Major Rudel carrying that type, its type 2 appeared.

"The enemies that are convicted of the President are dirty wastes! These wastes......need disinfection ah!"

His most favorable attack method--Major Rudel, who set the sights while doing the dive, pulls the trigger.

Eleven 20 mm Gatling guns and one 30 mm Gatling cannon fire at the same time and shoot enemies as if it were a tropical squall.

"Oh! It's relentless."

Amira smiled and was grinning as she looked back in amazement at the blast that had wound in the rear.

Because of Major Rudel's attack - Numerous shells that passed through the valley with an elongated openings of only about 20 meters in width, soldiers escaping exploded from 20 mm and 30 mm bullets. Because of that.

All the soldiers who tried to escape despite the short attack for a few seconds had contributed to the mincing without exception and dyed the bottom valey red.

"I will withdraw !!"

A unit gets ready for withdrawal from Chitose's trrops who have caught Adel alive and annihilated the enemy.

"You're going to have to recover the bodies and destroy the crashed aircraft."


Chitose, who ordered the recovery of the bodies by directing some soldiers to the president who crashed some of the soldiers, rides along with Kazuya in the cargo dropped from the MV-22 Osprey hovering over the sky, and when it gets pulled up by winch and gets inside the plane, it hurried back to Deiresu base.

I was saved somehow......By the way, how much is Chitose's level now.

First aid of wounds by hygiene and military doctors on the Osprey's aircraft, and when I'm doing magic recovery Luminous and Wilhelm are good at magic, I suddenly remember Chitose's figure that defeated Adel with overwhelming strength. Kazuya activated his ability.

[Trial of God · second]
Survive from the bottom of the valley where demons live! !

Has been completed.

This is not it…….

There is no benefit or ability obtained by capturing Adel Saxony.

Is that right?.... No, this is not what I wanted to know......This is it.

Kazuya who made a mistake several times finally was able to open the target place.

Katayama Chitose


Convict · Fanatic

Fanatic, Madness, devotion, Insane Dependency 

................................................................................ What is level ∞? ……eh? ... ... Is it the strongest? eh? What is a title? What are convicts or fanatics? ……eh? ......

Chitose looking at Kazuya with a face that seems to be worried envelops Kazuya's right hand with both of her hands.

In the head of Kazuya who is looking at Chitose in such a way? The mark was turning around with the group.

Kazuya's doubt aside, the rescue operation lowered the curtains.


"Your Excellency is in the 1st operating room !! The others are in the treatment room !!"

"Hurry up!!"

Kazuya, Misha, Feene, Linna, Reina, Ell were brought into the hospital as soon as they returned to Deiresu Base.

Severely wounded Kazuya was immediately transported to the operating room where relatively mildly wounded Misha, Feene, Linna, Reina, Ell were sent to the treatment room.


It was when Chitose, who strolled in front of the operating room where the operation of the Kazuya was done and was not yet settled,  seemed to worry about Kazuya.

"It is serious !! Vice President Chitose!!"

A warning ringing out to the base emergency sounded, and at the same time a soldier running in a panic announced a fact unbelievable at Chitose

"There is a two-way invasion of enemies this time?"

Chitose rushes to the headquarters of the Deiresu Base and asks the soldier who brought the news.

"Yes, I confirmed the enemy's invasion at points 2-3 and 4-5!"

"What is the enemy's war potential and the current situation?"

"Ha, Points 2-3 suddenly a large unit including a super magic magic weapon suddenly appeared, destroyed the fortress group of the border, advanced to the capital. Half an hour later, the first and second armored Battalion will be meeting the enemy in the plains. From point 4 -5, the middle-sized troops, with the core of the land-type and flying magic weapons, territory in the Elsass Magic Empire and are gathering in front of the Ile River, which flows through the border between the Non-human Alliance and the Empire. Currently, the town on the side of Ile River - a combatengineering company and patrol platoon that happened to be in the city - Bindergun, a courtesy of the German army equipment - a foreigner unit is preparing for interception. "


The situation was starting to move beyond the expectations of Chitose.

Huwebes, Marso 29, 2018


Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World

(T/N: F*ck, this was difficult to translate as I spent half an hour trying to find where the previous chapter was left out. Plus this took a lot of morale and energy out me, translation work is so tedious I almost quit halfway. Ahem, anyway enjoy the chapter guys. [*mumbles* I don't get paid for this])

...... This expression is also nice.

In the case of the previous Feene, if you looked at the expression of Kazuya at the moment, you felt only fear, but Kazuya was fascinated with the spirit to the soul And the emotions which are nothing but an indisputable feeling - Feene who came to embrace and madly love the face of Kazuya was thinking about such a thing while watching.

Well, are you going to kill me?

Kazuya handed a single-edged sword from Feene unsheathed the sheath with his mouth instead of his left arm which is almost unusable.

"It looks like you got motivated, Nelson, go down"


When Kazuya saw the sword set up, Adel smiled and told Nelson to go down.

"Revenge for Celicia, let me have it!"

"I will get those three back, bastards!"

At the same time the two people shouted, the sound of battle was cut off.


"Ha ha ha !! What's wrong? Your movements are getting dull!"

"Chi !!"

Kazuya and Adele's one-on-one fight had been unilaterally flowing right after the start.

Fucking, I left it to anger Oh, but ... I guess this is still strong! ! Besides, I can not use my left arm and the scars of the flanks are getting worse! ! It is not a disadvantage level! What?

Kazuya continues to avoid Adele's strike like stinging hit by desperately moving his sticky body due to his injuries.

But as time went on, Kazuya's movement gets slower and his body gradually gets scratches.

This guy, is unexpectedly tenacious. And also ... If you see a place where the effect of the holy sword does not activate he also do not use his physical strengthening magic. ... ... Is it a thing?

Meanwhile, Adel was surprised at Kazuya's unexpected shadow which continues to avoid his attacks (although it is a bit handy to defeat).
I wanted to meet with this guy in his perfect condition.

Kazuya knows that he can not use his left arm, but he does not know that he has a near-severe injury in addition to that In addition, Adele thought such a thing while carving wounds little by little into Kazuya's body. I was holding a kind of respect in my heart for Kazuya who does not give up and still tries  to recover the three people whilst exposing his unhappy figure.

"There !!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! Koo ... ...!"

Kazuya dodging a sharp sword finally got a distance from Adel and kneeled on.

"Hey, what's wrong, were you not trying to get back to three people?"

"Hey, huh ... damn"

If it remains like this ...... Really ... It is unpleasant.

Adele provokes Kazuya with a ferocious smile like a carnivorous beast hiding inwardly with various thoughts swirling.

Kazuya, who was in a state of stagnation against Adele, was staring at Adele as hard as possible without saying anything anymore.

It was such a time. Suddenly a gunshot rang behind Kazuya and then he heard a panic-like voice of Mischa and Feene that should have been cheering up until then.

"Ka, Kazuya-sama !!"

"Kazuya !! It's terrible !!"

"Chi, I got distracted"

Kazuya looked back behind when he saw that Adel had released the sword 's stance while saying that.

Then a myriad of monsters came approaching to chase after Feene running here while carrying Misha.

……it's awful.

"Hun, play time has passed ...... Oh well ... I'm getting tired and hungry, and at last it is supposed to be watching you being eaten by demons and dying ... Nelson! Return the three of them !! "

"Hai marimashta,"

Did I feel something in the appearance of Kazuya trying to save desperately to protect others, by hitting Kazuya all the way? Adele stopped batting Kazuya with his own hands and pushed backwards to the demons.

Adel ordered the release of the three people caught by Nelson as Kazuya was appalled by the approaching demons while he pulled his sword and heels back and came bacj to the other side.

"Well ... ... It's a sight."

While being protected by allies, Adel, who was fascinated with Kazuya, was looking at Kazuya' s future going with mixed eyes.

"Hey, are you OK! Reina, Linna, Elle!" (T'N: Again I forgot who they were)

Kazuya stumbled upon three who floated up in the air with magic, and immediately cut the rope binding three people and called their names.

"...... Huh, my lord ... ... people?"

"... Uu ... Master?"



The three woke up quickly with no serious injuries or violent marks as Kazuya hugged them tightly while disregarding the pain running through his tattered body.

"Kazuya-sama! Now is -  !!"

"Kazuya !! The demons will be here soon!!"

Feene and Misha hurried to Kazuya who is hugging three people carefreely despite the crisis situation of the Imperial Army of the front gate and the demon of the rear gate.

"Did you come .......... It's okay now"

"... ... Kazuya?"

"Kazuya what ... ...."

An unexpected incident occurred in the demons who approached from behind the two who are confused because they do not understand the meaning of the words Kazuya said.


"Damn!? Demons have stopped ... ....?"

"Why? Why did they stop?"

The mysterious behaviors shown by the demons could not hide their upset, not only by Feene and Misha, but also by Adele and his men, the soldiers of the Imperial Army and the elves who are under the control of Nelson.

Incidentally the mysterious behavior shown by the demons is that monsters in front suddenly stopped their legs and looked up at the sky at the same time all of them began to concentrate their gaze at a certain point.

However, if you see the seeds for the mysterious behaviors that the demons stop at their prey and stop behind, it is only natural that demons are living in the Cologne hilly area of ​​natural course and are sensitive to their presence gradually approaching, I guess they are just reacting.

After a few seconds later  Feene, Misha and Adel who were confused about the meaning of Kazuya's words and the reason why the demons suddenly stopped was known. I heard the deep bass sounds.

As the deep bass grows bigger, the monsters begin to retreat as if the monsters were frightened, and eventually they hit the avalanche and ran away.


"The demons are ... ...."

"Ran away?"

All the demons who were supposed to have been predators until a while ago run away with a 'Pokan'(sfx)

"Ha ha ha, the demons escaped! Ahahahaha !! He's a very lucky guy, but this must be God's suggestion to settle with you."

I did not know why the monster escaped, but from Adel it seemed like God told him to settle down with Kazuya.

"No, it is impossible to kill me here anymore."

Kazuya said while staring at the face of Adele which had come out again.


"You better worry about yourself more than that."

"Hey, are you threatening me? I am not afraid of anything."

In the middle of Adele's words he thought that a gigantic shadow over the valley crashed -- C-17 Globemaster III passed, as it passed, they fell as they blocked between Kazuya and Adel.

'Dogan' and the sound that makes the ground collapse echoes around and the muddy water which had accumulated in the bottom valley springs up vertically.

"The situation has reversed, we are the victor."

With a big smile on his face, the muddy water that was soaring at the same time as Kazuya's words fell to the ground, and from the point where something was falling, they appeared.

Martes, Abril 25, 2017


Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World

[Weapon summons]
Weapons developed on and before 2013 can now be used.

[Amount of summons possible:]
Your current level is 65.






※When these arms are summoned, the number of people needed to operate it will also be summoned

※Logistical personnel (combat engineer, maintenance soldier, communication soldier, supply soldier, medic) is not included in soldier summoning, and summoned separately. The amount of logistic personnel that can be summoned is the amount needed to maintain an army.
※There is no limitation on summoning small arms and heavy arms that can be operated by 2 or 3 soldiers.

・ [Notice on ability]
You can summon through voice or thought without using the menu screen.

Munitions, resources, and facilities that were summoned once can be erased, but people (soldiers) can not be erased.
(It is impossible to erase the dead body of a dead soldier, and you can not summon the same person as the deceased soldier again).

You cannot use your summons during combat. 

Proactive self-defense in support of back-up personnel is now possible.

-A study of the ability to summon soldiers and complete healing abilities.

The solicitor's ability to summon up to now has been found that the soldier who is summoned is a copy of the person who was actually present on Earth and hence has the same skills, knowledge and memory as the original.

When summoning a summoned soldier (gender, age, personality, carrying weapons, equipments) in advance without random summoning it sometimes rarely contains past heroes.

(There are also heroes that appear as operational personnel when summoning specific weapons, guns, vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, etc. Example: A - 10 - Major Rudel)

Is the soldier summoned all by God's hand? It seems that loyalty to the president (Nagato Kazuya) is being planted.

Then about full healing ability.

What we learned about the full healing ability is that the person who has been treated for injury or illness depends on the degree of injury or illness-- Nagato Kazuya will more likely be embraced.

Especially those who lost a part of the body and those who received treatment in the moribund state will have a great deal of fanatical goodwill.

(Example: Leina, Laina, Elga, Culottes, Wilhelm, Luminous. As for Shale, which had recovered by the full healing ability in a severe condition from losing her right hand from the elbow and her left eye, there are many favorable aspects, but there is no need to look at the course of the future, because she is not seen to have a fanatical favor.) (T/N: The names are the hardest to translate wth)

It is only speculation that is why it would be easy for you to receive treatment with complete healing ability, but it seems to be the result of the magical power of Nagato Kazuya influencing the subject at the time of treatment.

Because there are still a lot of vague points about the ability, it seems that an ongoing investigation is necessary in the future.

From the 4th Capability survey Report ~


"Fuh, for the time being like this"

Kazuya, who rarely let go of the fourth capability investigation report that was written in the quiet oval office without anyone other than himself, touches a little cold tea and stretches his shoulder.

"Oh! I'm doing it"

Kazuya looked up at the bustling Dales base from the window of the office after stretching and muttered.

The Parabellum Army, which almost wiped out the Imperial Army from within the Monsters Alliance territory, recalls the troops that were deployed in various places to Dales base at the same time as the defense system of the Parabellum Army is ready. Binge's party that was held by putting aside rank had become the revelry of the state to the pains of the soldiers who had been on duty until now.

--Con con

"Come in"

"Excuse me."

Captain Wong of the SS affiliation came into the Oval Office when Kazuya looked with warm eyes in such a merry-looking soldier.

"What's the matter?"

"No, it's not so much of a problem, but I need your Excellency's signature on this document. I am sorry, but please sign."

"Okay, I know...Here."

When he glanced through the papers he had signed, Kazuya returned the papers to Captain Wong.

"Thank you. Yes, indeed...... it's A....... By the way, aren't you going to join the party?"

Captain Wong, who tried to change the heel by confirming the sign of the Kazuya by chance,  said as he was wondering.

"Oh, I'm kind of a shy guy so I'll stay here. "

"Is that so? I'm sure everyone will be happy if you come your Excellency."

In the words of Kazuya Captain Wong had a sad look.

"My Lord... If you don't join the party, would you like me to show you to the store?"

Captain Wong who sensed the air of Kazuya which did not participate in the party proposes such a thing.

"A store?"

"Yes, it's a good store."

Kazuya, who saw the captain's grin, asked.

"What kind of store?"

"It's going to be fun."

Captain Wong replied evading Kazuya's question.

"Hmm, I guess we'll have fun after going ... ... then shall we go and prepare?"

"I'll arrange a car for you."

Kazuya, who was fortunate enough to refuse to accept his curiosity and his hard work, left the Dales base with Captain Wong who had a big fearless grin.

But later Kazuya thought. At this time, it would have been better to refuse invitation of Captain Wong.

"……Is the store a brothel?"

Kazuya was brought here by Captain Wong captain and the escort guard members(men), it was color town in the capital Belgrade. It is a villa called "Lucky Master" that set up eaves in one corner of the color town.

Strange, if you think that you will move somewhat as if not sneaking out the base ... ....

"This is a brothel that stands at the top of the brothels in Belgrade, which is home to a large number of ferocious-succubus, as its name suggests. Service is outstanding, it is somewhat expensive,  but it is a conscientious setting when thinking about the service, surely your Excellency would like it. "

Kazuya was amazed at Captain Wong that was proudly showing his forte.

"……If Chitose find outs, her strong desire to monopolize...... I'll be killed. That's why I'm leaving."

"Your Excellency! It's all right. Vice president Chitose is now in the home country, and since no one saw her in Dales base, she will never find out that Your Excellency is here. "

Captain Wong hurriedly persuaded Kazuya who was about to leave.


"Is that alright for you? Even if you return home without having a taste of superb pleasures that you can never taste!"


"If you miss this opportunity, you may not come again!"


"By the way, everyone here, including myself, has become addicted to the experience of the Lucky Master."


"Your Excellency!" Make your decision!"

Captain Won and members of the escort shouted up with just the last push as Kazuya was still hesitating.

"……I came..."

In the room which Kazuya was pushed in by Captain Wong, and was not able to resist man's desire,  was introduced by the attendant of 'Lucky Master', there was one large bed that was clearly set up at first sight. In the corner of the room a variety of adult toys were lined up, complete with a large shower room with a bathtub. Kazuya, who sat on the bed with his back to the door in such a room, murmured with feelings of anticipation and guilt.

"…… But if you come this far, you'll enjoy defiance. Yeah, let's do that."

Kazuya decided to enjoy his first brothel experience, switching feelings by not having to waste the favor of Captain Wong.

-Con con

It was such a time. The door of the room was knocked at an exquisite timing as if Kazuya was waiting to switch feelings.

"Hah, HI!"

Kazuya who was strangely nervous, replies with a voice turned inside out.

"I'm sorry, sir."

Some succubus came into the room and went to the door behind Kazuya with a voice that is dignified and comfortable to hear.

Hmm?This voice sounds familiar....?

The Kazuya felt a sense of incongruity in the voice of the succubus whom he was sure to meet for the first time in the scene with the Succubus finally.

Kazuya with a question mark turned his eyes to the succubus who went in, and as he looked back.


"Thank you very much for coming to 'Lucky Master' today, please expect the customer to have plenty of exquisite pleasure."


"That's right."


"How is it? Dear customer?"

A question is asked to Kazuya who's overflowing with a large amount of cold sweat at Chitose rather than a succubus with a smile and a black grin somewhere.

"…… Oh, oh, that, this, this"

"Yes, what about this?"

"Right, soon, immediately, Chitose? Why are you here?"

Kazuya questioned Chitose who had a dark smile in front of his eyes, although he stood like a broken tape recorder or radio.

"Yes, when I finished work early and went back to Dales Base, master was absent, and as I checked with my subordinate to find out where master was, I flew in a hurry as I was headed to such a kind of place. By the way, I am sorry that the unreachable person who brought the master to such a place was purged, so it is not bad. "

' ' Gaahaaa ' '

I heard the death of Captain Wong from somewhere to match the words of Chitose. (T/N: Scary, she's fucking scary)

…… This situation is too disgusting.

What came into the room of Kazuya was not a succubus but Chitose and Kazuya's exclusive maids, and everyone who came in for some reason was dressed to Kazuya's tastes.

Chitose is in a rich kimono with a pure Japanese style.

The Vampire sisters Leina and Laina are wearing white and dark blue school swimsuits and knee socks. Incidentally, in the swimsuit's nameplate it's written Leina and Laina in Hiragana

The ogre Elga is in a black gothic lolita dress well suited for a small height which is disproportionate to her year.

Shale, the lamia, was wearing white nurse clothes.

The Dark Elf, Luminous is wearing garter belt with sheer transparent babydoll dress which makes her brown skin stand out more.

Culottes of the Fox tribe is wearing a beautiful miko suit with a white and red contrast..

Wilhelm of the wolf tribe is in a gray suit with red date glasses,  clothes of a female teacher with black tights.

…… It's over.

The Kazuya was prepared to die in front of the smiling chitose in such a frightening cosplay.

"I'm sorry, Chitose. this..."

"Don't apologize, master."


Chitose interrupts the word of Kazuya who tried to say an excuse like a husband who had an affair.

"Master is a man and is a person with a lot of unequaled sexual desire. Therefore, it is possible to get interested in such a place. And we also have fault too. "

Can you forgive me? Kazuya had a ray of hope in his chest.


However, the following words of Chitose stabs Kazuya a stop.

"We have changed our service system so far, and we will serve you thoroughly until now, day and night, until master's hip gets tired, regardless of master's mood."


The face of Kazuya becomes blue in the sentence of Chitose.

"…… Chitose? Are you angry after all?"

"*giggles*...... Yes."

Chitose floated a good smile at the end, but her eyes were boiling black.


Kazuya who finally realized that fact decides his resolution.

…… If you let Chitose be pleased here and forgive you, you will avoid death!

However, Chitose tells as if to laugh at Kazuya's determination.

"First of all, I'd like to start today's service, by the way, Shale, Culottes, and Wilhelm have entered the irestrus period so it is not enough for usual times, so be prepared."

…… Seriously! …………………… Damn it! This burdened desperation.

Kazuya was dispirited and challenged Chitose, but Kazuya does not remember much of the incident.

The kimono shakes as the disheveled black hair sways, it was locked with a band and cannot disperse easily, Chitose with a hot sigh leaks a voice. (By the way, 5 times)

Laying back on the bed and lying on our back, with reddened cheeks. My eyes appearing to overrun Leina and Laina who are sending a gaze that invites you with pleasing eyes. (By the way, 8 times total)

Forcing yourself to enjoy a small body that is wearing black gothic lolita clothing until she loses herself, lying down on Elga who offered her wish to forcibly force him to succumb. (Incidentally 3 times)

It seems to be overflowing with delicious saliva, to trample the mouth with a dirty sound with a long tongue to fit the lip in the body of a snake wrapped and wound around in close contact to avoid moving. (Incidentally 6 times)

Exposing to emphasize the important part I'm self-confessed with Luminous with a hand-picked, hand-to-hand touch while wearing transparent wearing sheer shorts. (Incidentally 3 times)

While gently stroking the tail of Culottes and enjoy her shaking. (Incidentally 6 times)

Wilhelm that shakes her body with joy while shedding tears. (Incidentally 7 times)

Kazuya does not remember much about Chitose who had exposed such a disturbed figure. (T/N: Haven't seen this much action since V1C5)

Miyerkules, Abril 19, 2017


Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World 

***Thank God, a chapter with less than 5000 words***

Two AC - 130s and three F - 15E strike eagles flew over the forest in the vicinity of the borders of the Monsters Alliance and Elzas Magic Empire calmly in formation.

"Grattney 01 to HQ, arrived at the designated airspace, requesting instructions."

Two AC-130 (call sign is Grattney 01 and 02) made a sortie out because the infantry unit of Parabellum who undertook the task of crushing the base position of the imperial army, which was secretly made in the forest, was struggling and requested for air support. They are escorted by three F-15e equipped with AIM-9 side winders of air-to-air missiles and AIM-120 AMRAAM (Viper platoon), and arrived at the designated airspace, Grattney 01 is the commander in contact with the HQ.

"HQ Roger. We will now connect the radio to the 8th Infantry battalion at war with the Imperial Army on the ground. Until the end of the Support Mission, Grattney 01 and 02 will act on the instruction of the 8th Infantry Battalion. I wish you luck, over."

"Grattney 01, Roger."

"Grattney 02, Roger."

When the communication with HQ ceased, communication accompanied with gunfire entered Grattney 01.

"This is Lieutenant Morrison of the 8th infantry Battalion. There are a lot of casualties because of the fierce resistance of the enemy. Blow the enemy's position marked with smoke!"

"Grattney 01 Roger."

Grattney 01 and 02, who received a request from the 8th Infantry battalion engaging the imperial army which had built the base position in the forest, went to support them.

And when waiting for the coordinate designation from the 8th Infantry Battalion, a number of red, green, purple and other conspicuous color smoke began to climb into the forest.

"This is Grattney 01. I have the coordinates of the target. We are initiating Close Air Support. Beware of stray bullets."

"This is the 8th infantry battalion, evacuation has already been completed. Do what you want!"

After the response of the 8th Infantry battalion, three types of shell falls on the ground from the two AC-130s which began turning left around the garish looking smoke.

The gunner who is boarding the AC-130 sends a glance at the black and white screen that reflects the appearance of the earth through an infrared sensor, and moves joystick which manipulates the direction of the cannon. And when the appearance of the enemy soldiers is displayed in black and white, the trigger was pulled.

Dokan and a deadly 105mm howitzer gun hit the middle of the base built by the imperial army. The crimson flame and black smoke dance, and the soldiers who were there completely erased from this world.

Then Don!! Don! As if drums were hit, artillery shells shot from the 40mm cannon were lucky to hit the magic weapons and blew them up.

When a unique motor driving sound echoed around, the 25 mm Gatling gun bullets licked the ground and pay the trembling trees and the soldiers of the Imperial Army that had fought bravely a visit.

And by the time the 130 of the two aircraft finished the third turn, the Eighth Infantry battalion had struggled and the imperial army's base was extinguished without a trace, and a forest with many thin trees was going bald like burnt out.

After that, the forest became burnt and the enemy soldiers were out of sight, so they paused the close air support and confirmed the presence of the enemy by the 8th Infantry Battalion.

"This is the 8th infantry battalion, annihilation of enemy soldiers and enemy positions confirmed. Grattney 01, 02 Thanks for the support.

"Grattney 01 Roger. Ending close air support. Returning to base

It was at that time when the two aircraft of Grattney 01 and 02 received the report of the 8th Infantry battalion which confirmed that the base of the imperial army had disappeared, and aimed at the Dales base with the nose after the mission.

"Whoa! What?"

The voice of a panicking soldier of the 8th Infantry battalion was heard from the radio communication that had not been cut yet.

"What's the matter?"

When the captain of Grattney 01 responded to the voice and asked the 8th Infantry Battalion, the response was somehow returned from the escort's biker platoon.

"From under, 5 battleships and numerous Dragon Knights are rising!! Break! Break!""

The captain of the Grattney 01 heard the report, the escort Dragon Knights of the five ships that was expertly subjected to the surface of the line to look at the ground has been flying.

"Chi!! This altitude is bad!! Engine Full Throttle! Ascend!"

"Engine Full Throttle! Rise!!"

"Grattney 01 to HQ!! Spotted flying ships and numerous dragon knights! Requesting reinforcements ASAP!! Repeat."

The captain and the co-pilot push the throttle to max and tries to forcibly rise by relying on the engine with increased propulsion power, while the communication crew were requesting reinforcements.

It was discovered by the 8th Infantry Battalion approaching and attacked by the AC-130. The five battleships was lurking near the base position hit, one of them moved towards the imperial territory in the air as it flew up in the sky, and the dragon knight escorts went out the flying ship and try to persistently attack AC-130, which had come down to low altitude to do. 

"Viper platoon, weapons free! Leave the flying ships, those dragon knights are your top priority!"

"Roger! Viper platoon 2 engaging!"

"Roger! Viper platoon 3 engaging!"

However, the three aircraft that are the escort of the AC-130 began to attack the Dragon Knights when the external fuel tank is immediately dumped and the nose becomes light.

However, due to the unprecedented development of the flying ship and the dragon knight appearing suddenly from the very bottom, the Viper corps who fell into close combat struggled due to the difference in relative speed etc, but succeeded in eliminating all Dragon knights without having to put one scratch in the AC-130.

"End of Battle! Gather"


The Viper Platoon, which attained the annihilation of the Dragon Knight, is assembled under the two AC-130 and had been asked to join the trail formation.

"News of each aircraft"

The captain of the Viper corps asked.

[This is Viper 2, cannon residue 0, air-to-air missiles 0]

[This is Viper3, cannon residue 0, air-to-air missiles 0. Is the captain still there?]

"I'm out of ammo."

However, it was good that I engaged the dragon knights with the highest priority to defend AC - 130, but the bullets were exhausted and the flying ships remained intact.

"…… Don't run away."

"Yes. But somehow the crisis seems to have been avoided."

Listening to the story of the Viper corps exchanged on the open channel, the Captain and co-pilot of Grattney said while watching the battlefield and escaping.

"What happened to the reinforcement request?"

"Yes, I told them to send reinforcements as soon as I heard that the battleship came out, but will probably not make it in time. By the time the rescue unit arrived here, the ship is already deep in the imperial territory. "

"...... It's annoying to let them go."

Listening to the story of the communication crew, a mysterious light shines in the eyes of the Captain of Grattney 01 who was staring at the battleship ship with a stupid face.

"…… Please stop it, don't say anything strange."

The co-pilot, who was aware of the light of his eyes, calls to reprove the captain, but his voice was blocked.

"Oh, I decided! From this we will have Grattney 02 to engage the enemy line ship with shelling war!


"Oh, I decided! From this we will have Grattney 02 to engage the enemy line ship with shelling war!

「…… Hey!? You're going to do gunfire in the air!! In this aircraft!? 」

During the sound of the engine, the crew was surprised at the words of the captain, who was informed through the radio on the helmet they were wearing.

"The captain is going to do a lot of crazy things. Do you want to engage enemy more?"

"I'm not going to do a bombardment in the air like that."

"It's a good first experience."

"I'm not happy!! Such a first experience!!"

In the AC - 130 's cabin, everyone seemed to be complaining and grumbling but everyone was preparing for combat according to the commander's order.

"Captain... Are you sure you want to do it?"

"I'll do it."

There was no way to lend an ear to the word of the co-pilot, and the captain said that while becoming oppositely opinionated.

"I understand. Let's do it. …… Enemy ahead at 11:00, distance 4000, getting off in a single vertical position"

The co-pilot, who realized that the captain was not the same, shook his head and calmly switched heads to inform him of the ship's position.

"Alright, turn left after adding a blow in the same cruise, take it in anti-cruise"

"Roger that."

"With the smile of a naughty kid just the captain came up with a good idea while looking at the line of five ships that are running away with a straight vertical line that is conveniently too good.

"...… Hey, fire the flare."

"What? Why?"

"It's paper."

".....Ah, it is certainly best for a bicycle rider."

"Please inform Grattney 02 as well."

At first, the co-pilot, who couldn't understand the captain's intentions, came back with a simple and clear answer when he asked the pilot why the flare was emitted.

And together with the timing Grattney 01 and 02 shoots flare at the same time and was surprised by the sight that makes you feel some sort of divinity even though the enemy ships' formation has collapsed a bit.

"That scared me."

The captain said, grinning and laughing.

"The remaining distance to the enemy is 500 meters!! Line up!!"

"Whoa, all battle preparations ready! We will do a shelling operation from this!! Put up!"

『『『『Roger!! 』』』』

The captain, who returned to me on the report of the co-pilot, blasted the crew. And the unprecedented aerial bombardment of the AC-130 began.

"The left artillery bombardment ready! …… Shoot!"

Under the captain's command, shells were shot one after the other from the two AC-130s towards the flying battleships.


First two 105mm shells were shot from a distance of 300 meters, but they were swept away by the wind.

"Just because that bullet was swept away... This much... ?? 」

"Ora, ora, ora! Fall down!!"

However, as a result of hitting a bad number of guns in succession, the 40mm machine gun and 25mm Gatling gun rounds that were scattered all the time hit the gun deck and mast on the side of the hull, and unfortunately for them, the 40mm cannon cannon hit base of the mast. The mast was broken from the root due to a direct hit and the battleship that lost propulsion became unable to navigate.

Moreover, it suffered from the the fire caused by the incendiary rounds of the25mm Gatling gun at the hull everywhere.

A similar fierce attack was also applied to the other battleships sailing, and the Imperial Army fleet was annihilate after two AC -130s passed.

The last ship (5th ship) lost its mast and went down while burning in midair. The 2nd and 4th ship were hit by the 105mm howitzer, burned up in the form of a fireball and disappeared. The third ship was hit by the 40mm cannon, the hull was full of holes, ruptures occurred in various places, the hull crashed to pieces and fell apart at the end. The first ship sailing ahead had its gunpowder hit by the 25mm Gatling Gun and gradually dropped down to the ground in flames with repeated explosion.

"No need to flip."


Grattney 01 and 02 returned to base with the F-15e in high spirits as the first to attempt air-to-air bombardment in history. The AC-130 stopped to look at the devastation of the Imperial fleet ending in a one-side game.

Finally, the Imperial Army (unit which can take organizational action), who was in the Ghost Coalition(T/N: don't know what this is) at the end of this fight, was wiped out.

Lunes, Abril 17, 2017


Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World 


…… Why are the lights gone?

Captain Naruse who got on an unreliable wooden elevator descended to the bottom of the research facility underground of the old castle. The light of the magic fixture disappears, and the subordinate puts out a hand sign through uneasiness to the situation in the underground enveloped in the dark.

With night vision goggles, the An-94 aka Abakan is equipped with holo-site, suppressor, and under the barrel is the GP-30 grenade launcher. Because it adopts a peculiar mechanism that the second shot jumps out from the muzzle before the muzzle is blurred in the recoil that the first shot of 5.45 mm × 39 bullet was fired, the gun with a high hit rate than a normal full-auto shot was set up. The stone passage was filled with a pungent smell like a nasal medicine that stimulates the nose, as they began to move slowly and carefully.

The Alpha team and Delta team are the best in the center of the Institute for Information gathering, relying on a map of the entire underground that was on the side of the elevator. Team Charlie headed to the largest laboratory in the center for intel gathering and set up Origin magic equipment to light the magic fixture in the aisle. To put it simply, we headed to a room with a power generator--a magical furnace.

And, the smell of familiar blood mixed with the smell of medicine came when the passage which was wrapped in the eerie silence parted in the other. A strange object appeared in front of Captain Naruse, who was aware of that, and went on to proceed with caution.


A crew member who was moving forward is holding a fist and urges the next men to stop at the hand sign.

"Captain, please look at this."

In a whisper but in a sharp tone that included the color of the strain, the member who found "it" calls the Captain Naruse who was in the center of the formation.

"What the hell is this?"

An enemy soldier was lying on the floor in the dark passage when the Captain Naruse was called by the member in front.

If the soldier has simply fallen on the floor, Captain Naruse would not be surprised, but on the head of a soldier who is fallen in front of hims somehow the long sword pierced deeply from above the head to the middle of his face, The head broke into two and the brain that blew up from there broke his face.

"Are these....Bite marks...... ?"

The member who was examining the corpse noticed that there were tooth marks the shape of a man's teeth chewed everywhere at the corpse.

"It seems like that. But... What the hell is going on here?" (T/N: We all know where this is going)

Captain Naruse pulls her eyebrows and murmurs a little, but no one knew the answer.

"Reported from Alpha, found dead bodies of enemy soldiers in the underground facility."

"roger that"

"- Zazaki, okay"

"-Sach, finished ..."

Is the radio condition bad? The radio with the team on the ground is hard to connect to.

When urging other teams to alert and retiring the dead aside, captain Naruse kept moving forward.

…… This may be unpleasant.

As I go further, I see that the blood adheres to the floor and walls and the traces of battle are left behind. The air worn by Captain Naruse and the members clenched further.

"Captain, we've arrived."

However, while I was doing it, I reached the entrance of the largest laboratory in the basement which is the destination.

"Let's finish the mission and go home. Go"

Captain Naruse, who arrived at the entrance of the lab, ordered his men to rush.

Because the Magic Power Reactor is not moving, it is impossible for three members to forcefully handle a solid steel iron door with a turning handle, and other crew members who had prepared the thrusting position quickly got into the laboratory.



Captain Naruse and the rest of the members were in the room when they heard the voice of the completion from inside the room and waited in the aisle.


In the dark room there scattered a large amount of data supporting the fact that the human experiment was done in the room, and in a corner of the room a human or an Aiko tribe who became a subject of human experiment in a large flask were put together with the liquid of something like formalin-soaked as the specimen was decorated.

"Alpha from Charlie. I will start a magic furnace from this "

When Captain Naruse looked at the materials and flasks picked up from the floor, communication came in from team Charlie.

Immediately after that, the light of the magic fixture emits a dazzling glow.


Captain Naruse, who took away the night vision goggles and lightly blinked, passed the order to Charlie's team.

"From Alpha to Charlie. Join us.

"This is Charlie, we're on our way."

"Okay, you guys..."

After giving an order to team Charlie, it was when Captain Naruse opened her mouth to give instructions to the members who are collecting information while taking pictures and photos around.

-Ban Bang!

It was placed in the corner of the room,  a rectangular iron box able to fit a single person made a banging sound. At that moment, the members set up a gun for the box all together.


When captain Naruse signaled the nearest member to open the box, the member approached the box fearfully as his gun was not poised and is put down as it hangs to his shoulder.

And when the hand was hooked on the edge of the box and kicked off the key part, the crew member opened the box at once.

"Gehoggehoc! Well, I thought I was going to die."

Having rolled out of the box with such a word was an elderly person wearing a black robe.

"No! It's too late to come to help!! Roughly you--........."

It was a crawling state, and the elderly person who had breathed a deep breath repeatedly in the state of all fours raised his face to say the complaint after it vomited the curse. And, the face was blue, and the mouth was shut when the group of All Black which helped me finally noticed that it was not an ally.


"Come on, please! I'll tell you everything. Help me!"

An old man was repeating his begging before Captain Naruse issued a word with a pathetic posture like a prisoner who was waiting for executions as he was tied with his hands on his knees.

"Talk about anything...... ?。 First of all, your name. What has been done here? Then answer what's going on here now.

"I know... My name is Urseis Barlight. I'm the head of the institute here."

The complexion of the captain and the members of Naruse became bad in moment while hearing the story of Barlight which began to talk so obediently whether it was fearful of Captain Naruse who were very in front of eyes.

"Then what? You were doing research on immortality here, but the medicine which was able to be done by chance on the way of the research--human beings and yakuin who have been taking the medicine turned the living things into  zombies. You were trying to reproduce the ' Legion of Immortality ' which came out in the myth of Löwen, used it to the demon that you caught and failed. In the midst of the experiment that was done today, the experimental body that administered the drug to be a zombie ran away and attacked researchers and soldiers one after another, and they were attacked by zombies in the rat formula, and now this facility is flooded with zombies."


"But when I came here, I didn't see any zombies."

Although there seemed to be a dead body .....

"It was probably because the surviving soldiers and researchers fled to the back of the Institute. The zombies are supposed to be caught and hardened to the area in the back of the laboratory. And just before I went into this box, it seemed that the magic furnace had an emergency stop. All of a sudden, the supply of magic was interrupted, and the defense function of the laboratory worked, and the zombie which chased the person who ran away because it blocked the passage in each area might be confined in the back area. If the Magic furnace was restarted, the supply of magic was resumed, and the passage which should have been blocked was opened, too and the zombie might have already come toward here."(T/N: They really fucked up big time)

Barlight said with an expression that had already given up variously.

Damn it! It's the worst!

Captain Naruse immediately recognized exactly what kind of situation they were placed in, and promptly contacted each team.

"Each team from Alpha, respond!"

"This is Charlie. What's the matter?"


But the only answer came back was Charlie team.

In addition to being underground, communication with the team on the ground and the Captain Naruse in the basement was impossible because the radio condition deteriorated from the beginning when it came to the underground.

"Chi!! Listen, Charlie, we have a problem!! Let's get out of here immediately! 」

It was Captain Naruse who skipped instructions to Charlie team who she got in touch for the first time, but it is already late.

"What? What do you mean? Alpha--Wait a minute..."

"What's the matter?"

"What...... What are they"

Charlie! What's the matter?! What happened? 」

"Fire, Shoot! Shoot the gun! Oh, my gosh! No! No! Retreat, Hurry! Hurry up!"

"Charlie! Charlie! Respond!"

This is Charlie! Encounter with the monster, during the war!! Where did it come from? A lot of support-tsu!! And, Stop!! Gaahaana! 』

The communication was interrupted at the end of the death of the captain of the noisy firing sound and Charlie team who heard from the radio.

And, the expression of the Naruse captain concealed in the balaclava cap which hears the sound and the voice which makes the situation of the worst such a presentiment is distorted.

"Fuck-Jackson, Alexei, Bulat!! You take this old man to the ground and let HQ know the situation here!! Delta, please keep the passage from here to the elevator. Other than that, come with me! Let's go to Charlie's rescue!"

"" Yes, sir!"""

The members immediately returned the reply to the instruction which burst out from Captain Naruse's mouth in a rapid succession and began to move.

After finishing giving instructions, Captain Naruse who jumped out of the room accompanying the crew members ran through the aisle with reliance on the guns heard from afar.

"This way! Hurry!"

Captain Naruse, who quickly blasted the squad, called Charlie.

"This is Alpha! Charlie, Respond! Charlie!"

"This is Charlie! Nine people killed!! The captain was killed!"

The content of the answer which came back was the worst though the member of Charlie team finally returned the answer to the desperate calling of Captain Naruse.

"I'm heading there now! Hold!"

"Roger! --Become!? Hey! It came from the right!! Shoot, Shoot!"

"I'll be there in time!"

Communication is interrupted again. When captain Naruse is running desperately, enemy soldiers who are torn off from the middle right arm with muddy white muddy eyes from the front are turning out with a groaning voice and are heading towards here.

"You're in the way. Move!"

Captain Naruse, with a soldier turned into a zombie, ran up with force and was running while sprinkling and thrusting his fists into the face of the zombies exactly like one another.

The zombie that receives the blow to crush the cheek of the bone sinks to the floor of the passage about five meters away.

However, zombies who are no longer moving corpses are not supposed to die, and the zombies have been slowly rising up as if nothing had happened into its miserable face.


But the moment the zombies were about to get up, captain Naruse was running through the zombie's body, and the members at the tail stopped and fired Five Seven from the holster that trampled the head of the zombies and stabbed the zombies.

"Over there. This way!"

A few minutes running, the five or six zombies Captain Naruse encountered on the way were put away in their spare hours, and captain Naruse  found the survivors of team Charlie at the junction of the T-path.

"Thanks, you saved my life."

Watching Captain Naruse away from the Zombies, Charlie. The last surviving member of team Charlie was relieved from the bottom of his heart.

He caught himself watching the appearance of captain Nagase who was coming and stopped shooting, not seeing a zombie heading towards his side  of the front from the junction point of the T-path. With an agile movement, it bit the member in the neck.


The sound that tears the flesh of the member's neck sounded in the passage and was sticking to captain  Naruse's ears.

And in front of the eyes of Captain Naruse, who has stopped his feet involuntarily, it was the end of the ruin of the human body experiment or what was meant to be biological weapon, a living  thing with an appearance that was hard to describe like the chimera, just devoured the corpse of the member intently.


Captain Naruse who was threatened to be killed and eaten in front of me, got agitated and set up a gun to shoot bullets against the group of chimeras and zombies who appeared again from the back

The An-94 of captain Naruse, P90, M240 machine guns and the VSS of the members played an orchestra of gunshots

The P90 uses 5.7 X 28mm of a pointed bottleneck structure in the form of a new development rifle bullet without using a handgun like a submachine gun. Demonstrating the penetrating power of the rifle bullet, when the warhead is landed on the body of a wide variety of zombies looming along with the spooky growl voice from the back of the aisle and chimera that was to eat the members, the bullet rotates randomly inside the body gulls the surrounding tissues largely without penetrating the bore large.

M240 machine guns continue the intermittent shooting and shoots down the zombies noisily with 7.62 X51mm NATO bullets.

Designed on the premise of medium to short-range sniper rather than precision shooting from long distances, the VSS is designed to be a close-range firefight rifle using 20-round magazines, it has full-auto shooting and single-shot shooting--a sniper successfully uses the rifle to make sure that one body is properly secured.

By the way, the 9 × 39 mm bullet used by VSS is a rifle bullet, since the initial velocity does not exceed the sound velocity, no shock wave is generated, so combining this ammunition with the silencer of this ammunition and the VSS next to the exhaust pod mouth only the metal sound when the bolt runs and the ammunition is drained is heard.

"What? Concentrate the barrage on the chimera! Don't let them get any closer!"

"Yes, sir. ! Die quickly!"

Captain Naruse poured a hail of bullet to the Chimera and the zombies, andcrushed the head of the zombies such as former humans and former Youma who are in dull movement, but the chimera that has been made zombie did not die quickly because the body is artificially strengthened. For that reason, Captain Naruse had no choice but to put away the slow-approaching zombies and concentrate firing on the chimera.

"Raise! Burn them with fire magic!"

"Yes, sir. You guys. --Me. Nell Caza--"

All the chimera that are looming was hit by concentration fire line and has been defeated. Captain Naruse gave the instructions of the use of magic to Raise and until the end of the chanting, the gun barrel was shot to the end to stop the zombies.

--Gais de-tilt!!"

And when Raise finished casting and waved the cane, a burning flame was created from the tip of his cane and struck the zombies.


"Chi! No good!"

But the fire magic Raise used couldn't completely burn the zombies.

"Raise! Can't you make a wall or something with the magic of the soil?"

"It is impossible for the walls and floors here to have the effect of nullifying magic!"

"Argh!" It can't be helped. We'll sweep them and run away!! Go, go!"

Captain Naruse gave up on the recovery of the Charlie Team's body by looking at the zombies that springs like a clouds with a groan that crawls from the back of the aisle. Wearing a tactical vest, a MK3 grenade was removed from the safety pin and was thrown toward the zombies.

The thrown Mk3 grenade disappears in the interlude of a zombie wave, and explodes.

Tearing off a zombie flock by the shock wave created by the explosion of TNT explosives.

"This is a bonus! Get him!"

Yes, Captain Naruse pulled the Gp-30 trigger under An-94 's barrel and still lodged 40mm grenade grenades toward the place where the explosion was in the smoke.

Then a blast including a large amount of iron pieces in the aisle blows up a zombie whose arms and legs are blown away by the explosion of the MK3 grenade.

Captain Naruse ran to the elevator in a breathtaking way as he followed his men running ahead.

As soon as she ran out, Captain Naruse pushed the shoulder of the member who was waiting for them to retreat, and then urged them to retreat.

The member struck the shoulder of the member who was waiting in the rear of captain Naruse and retreated as the bullets which was in the magazine was properly set at full auto.

The members of the Alpha team were in a steady retreat and joined the Delta that secured their retreat as they alternated against the zombies in such a way.

"Captain, are you okay? What are you bringing with you!!"

The captain of the Delta team tried to rejoice in the safety of Captain Naruse, but shouted as if despairing, seeing the massive zombies behind her.

"Shut up! Withdraw! Withdraw!"

The members of the Delta team who heard the word of Captain Naruse agreed without one and two, and began to run toward the elevator.

"Captain, what about the team Charlie?"

On the way to the elevator, the captain of the Delta team asked Captain Naruse as they ran side by side.

"…… It was useless."

"Oh..... ? I'm sorry."

When he heard that team Charlie was annihilated, the captain of the Delta team concentrated on running silently after muttering.

"All aboard?"


"Then let's get out!"

"Yes, sir."

Captain Naruse who arrived to the elevator safely and ran away to do the delay combat, determined that ammunition was lacking as zombies keep appearing one after another and parted with a smiling face towards the ground


Jackson, who had gone up to the ground ahead of Captain Naruse who escaped from the basement and descended from the elevator, yelled.


"The helicopter will arrive in ten minutes."

"If that is the case, I will move to the courtyard. We'll get a chopper down there."

"Yes, sir."

Captain Naruse decided to wait for the arrival of the helicopter in the courtyard of the old castle.


15 minutes later.
Captain Naruse, who had experienced hell, was in charge of the two CH-47f and was in the sky of the old castle.

"Captain, this time it was hard..."

A member called out to Captain Naruse who was sitting on the chair in the cabin of the CH - 47F in a tired state.

"That's right. However, I think that there might be a duty like this time in the future, and it is heavy."

"This is great. Everybody look down."

As captain Naruse was thinking about the event  in the future that she does not want to imagine, The captain of the Ch-47f told everyone to see the old castle.

And when Captain Naruse peeped into the old castle from the window, the evidence seemed to have just started.

In the sky above the old castle are two types of strategic bombers with variable wings - American B-1 Lancer and Russian Tu-160 form a formation, with their weapon bay loaded with JDAM equipped bombs. They were dropping Grand Slam and Tall Boy one after another.

The JDAM-equipped grand slam and Tall boy, which was specially prepared, gradually increased the fall rate when dropped from the altitude of 10,000 meters. The inertia induction and the GPS induction corrected the error of the landing point, and finally, it exceeded the sound velocity and struck the castle.

The Grand slam and the Tall boy which penetrated the brick and the stone to the underground laboratory which formed the old castle exploded there. Pillar blows up to the ground.

A small earthquake is generated on the ground by the Grand Slam and the tall boy which exceeds the speed of sound from the sky. One after another, it caused  a large explosion in the underground, and the entire underground finally collapses. The old castle sank in the ground with an awful sound while collapsing.

The B-1 and the Tu-160 that destroyed the castle and all the zombies with the Grand Slam and Tall boy went back to the base calmly.

"" It's amazing...... "

Captain Naruse who had been looking at the spectacle which had crushed the old castle with an overwhelming firepower from the cabin of the Ch-47f had just raised the voice of admiration.